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My name is Joshua Serna I am located out of El Paso Texas. I have been breeding Yorkies since 2011. Both my wife and I are passionate about the breed and we maintain the highest level of care when it comes to our dogs. We want to pass that same guarantee down to you when you purchase one of our puppies you can rest assured that you are getting a purebred AKC dog free from any disease (kennel cough, parvo, Canine distemper) and any external parasites such as fleas and ticks. After making a purchase rest assured that I will be here to help you and your new puppy along.

Mi nombre es Joshua Serna, estoy ubicado en El Paso, Texas. He estado criando Yorkies desde el 2011. Tanto mi esposa como yo somos apasionados por la raza y mantenemos el más alto nivel de atención cuando se trata de nuestros perros. Queremos pasarle la misma garantía cuando compre uno de nuestros cachorros y puede estar seguro de que obtendrá un perro AKC de raza pura, libre de cualquier enfermedad (tos de perrera, parvo, moquillo canino) y cualquier parásito externo como pulgas y las garrapatas Después de realizar una compra, tenga la seguridad de que estaré aquí para ayudarlo a usted y a su nuevo cachorro.

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Traditional Yorkie Puppies

At this time we have no traditional yorkies check back often for updates.


Parti Yorkie Puppies

At this time we have no Parti yorkies check back often for updates.


What is a Parti Yorkie?

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Parti color Yorkie is not a different breed. It is a Yorkshire terrier with different color. The Classification for Parti Yorkies has been included by AKC since 2000. Yorkie lovers know that a true Yorkie comes with specific traditional colors which are black and tan, but there is a Parti Yorkie, which comes also in white, except those two colors. There are also other different color combinations that can occur in Parti Yorkies such as Chocolate Parti or Golden Parti Yorkies for example. And for sure there will be more colors appearing for Yorkies as soon as the breeders get a better understanding of the Yorkie genes. There is for example White and Black Parti Yorkie that does not have any tan color. For more information on these amazing dogs Click Here.


Meet our Dogs.


oToro 🐟 - Male

Adorable, Small, full of attitude our oToro weighs 3.2 lbs and is full of energy and life.


Sushi🍣 - Female

This is Sushi 🍣 She's a very sweet yorkie💗 3 words to describe her: 📌Loving 📌Friendly 📌Mellow Her colors are Silver, Tan, & White She's great with children & 💗She melts everyone's hearts when they meet her💗 She weighs 5 lbs 💗

Nori 🍙 - Female

Nori is our youngest female and full of happiness and joy. She weighs 4.8 lbs


Our Past Litters

We love when our proud pet parents send us pictures of their pups. We proudly like to showcase them here

avacado avacado

avacado 🥑 - Male


peach 🍑 - Female


Waffles 🧇 - Male


Maple 🍯 - Female


September 18, 2020